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Our Bread & Butter

Leggings That Just Fit

Each pair is unique, just like the babe wearing them! We offer both wide and long options to ensure long-lasting comfort.
The Softest Fabric


Soft & strong, our bamboo temperature regulating fabric provides ultimate comfort.
every day solids

Basics Collection

Simplify life with solid basics in a cotton-spandex blend fabric that holds up to daily wear.

Every Child is Unique

That's why we offer long and wide sizing for the perfect fit. Unique sizes combined with our super stretchy cotton & bamboo fabrics give your littles ultimate comfort for their bellies, legs, and bodies.

Lunar Moon Toddler Blanket

Lunar Moon Toddler Blanket

Regular price $22.00

Our TOG 1.0 quilted blankets are made from a bamboo, breathable fabric to keep the perfect temperature all year round. Stuffed with 100% cotton for a high quality finish, it will quickly become your most favorite blanket ever.

Toddler Size: 58”x39”

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